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The ARCPolis (Augmented City Layer) is devised with four modes of living optimizations through Live (Social Layer), Learn (Education Layer), Work (Professional Layer), Play (Relaxation Layer). Due to Augmented Political sabotage and vandalism in the past, the ARC OS has become a hierarchical regimented system, constantly strengthening their firewalls and constrict the coordinates accessibility to the citizens in various layers. However, the users can compose their space of living durably, but temporarily in their immediate proximity of up to 150m in radius in common areas and beyond which, the FOCUS Credits are to be spent for Environmental augmentations. During Max’s commute, inside the railway station, his ARC OS gets intercepted by a T-bot (Proxy user in the system), disrupting Max’s projections with an overlay and IVA immediately takes charge and initiates him to use his FOCUS to regain his projections and accomplish his University task on time.

Cloud Polis is characterized by hybrid geographies, incomplete governmental apparatuses, awkward jurisdictions, new regimes of interfacility, archaic imagined communities, group allegiances, ad hoc patriotisms, and inviolable brand loyalties: soupy mixtures both futuristic and atavistic at once.

//The One-Liner


A Sophomore, Max wakes up to his daily grind, to submit his pending Module Fragment 3.14

(Assignment), at the University Fragment9.8(Part University), but gets intercepted and yet manages to use his FOCUS (Augmented Rights Management Credits) and accomplish on time. 


//The Background


Maxwell Jones,24, inventive but dishevelled, handles himself with quite a grace, wakes up to his routine by 8.30 AM, and activates himself to start his day to submit his pending module 3.14 which is due by 10.30 AM. The Augmented Rights Commission (ARC) is doing their best to optimize the security

firewalls, yet the ARC OS gets intercepted and IVA (Intelligent Virtual Assistant) suggests Max to use his FOCUS, to concentrate and accomplish his task in the due course and submit successfully.

Old systems of learning are now decayed. The new universities will be of the world and in each man. The old clubs and condescension no longer operate . It is necessary to extend the frontiers of the minds. To know how to work out a problem for oneself ... The variety of activities cannot be completely forecast; as new techniques and ideas arise they will be tried. The structures themselves will be capable of changes, renewal and destruction. If any activity defeats its purpose it will be changed. The elimination of the word ‘success’ is important. The place is a constantly changing experiment in which the old human categories are forgotten, e.g. brilliant, superior, stupid, dull. Here each person can discover in himself new skills and increase his enjoyment of life. Each man and woman has one life, one mind, one body, unique and 100% unrepeatable. Each is capable of what was once called genius. Draft of Fun Palace Booklet (1964), Cedric Price Archives, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal.





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