VAMSI KRISHNA VEMURI is a Speculative architect, designer, and educator based in Germany and India. Vamsi had completed his Postgraduate studies and is an alumnus from the Staedelschule Architecture Class, Frankfurt, Germany. He is a public speaker, actively engaged on different platforms such as TEDx, Annual NASA Convention (India) and various other architecture and design conventions across Europe and India. He is an Associate, Organizer, and tutor with Design Morphine and Digital Intuition.x conducting educational events, workshops in Europe and Asia. He is also a visiting faculty with Architecture schools in India, conducting lectures and events. Vamsi's areas of Interest lie in the eccentric utilization of Computation & real-time visualization, in a post-digital framework.

His work revolves around constructing interactive fictions and spatial mediations, engaging different mediums such as Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality paradigms.
He holds a diverse experience in communicating contemporary forms and spatial experiences by engaging film-making and video game development. As a designer and Researcher, his work has been exhibited at various festivals and conventions in the United States, Germany, UK, India, Latvia, Armenia and Japan. In 2017, his Project was awarded the best in Emergent technologies, by the American Institute of Architects. He is engaged with diverse Architecture practices as a Technology and Strategic consultant, enabling them with advanced design processes and methodologies. As a Professional and academic, he had also participated in and won many Architecture & Design competitions and commissions in the AEC Community.
In 2018 he founded Flux Real Design Collective, an Interdisciplinary practice engaging in the domains of Architecture, gaming, cinematics, and advanced fabrication. The team indulges in an experimental framework, working with speculations and prototyping. They believe in leveraging the potential of AR/VR/XR, Spatial Computing, 3d Printing, and Robotic fabrication. Their core Research and development areas include:

- Speculations through Design and Interactive Media
- Digital Culture, Technology, and Contemporary Aesthetics
- Technology-mediated Experiences
- Gamification and Urbanism
- Spatial UI/UX Design development
- Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Fabrication, 3D Printing
Vamsi Krishna Architecture Portfolio
Vamsi Krishna Vemuri 
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